1. Methodology
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A new database on the contents and comparability of the income variables in EU-SILC: MetaSILC 2015

  1. Lorena Zardo Trindade  Is a corresponding author
  2. Tim Goedemé  Is a corresponding author
  1. Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy, University of Antwerp, Belgium
  2. Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School and Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, UK
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Cite this article as: L. Zardo Trindade, T. Goedemé; 2019; A new database on the contents and comparability of the income variables in EU-SILC: MetaSILC 2015; International Journal of Microsimulation; 12(3); 62-67. doi: 10.34196/ijm.00207
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Table A.1
List of EU-SILC income-related variables and those included in MetaSILC 2015
Code Name
HY010 (*) Total household gross income
HY020 (*) Total disposable household income
HY022 (*) Before social transfers other than old-age and survivor’s benefits
HY023(*) Total disposable household income before social transfers including
old-age and survivor’s benefits
HY030G/HY030N Imputed rent
HY040G/HY040N (*) Income from rental of a property or land
HY090G/HY090N (*) Interest, dividends, profit from capital investments in unincorporated business
HY050G/HY050N (*) Family/children related allowances
HY060G/HY060N (*) Social exclusion not elsewhere classified
HY070G/HY070N (*) Housing allowances
HY080G/HY080N (*) Regular inter-household cash transfer received
HY081G/HY081N Alimonies received (compulsory+ voluntary)
HY100G/HY100N Interest repayments on mortgage
HY110G/HY110N (*) Income received by people aged under 16
HY120G/HY120N (*) Regular taxes on wealth
HY130G/HY130N Regular inter-household cash transfer paid
HY131G/HY131N Alimonies paid (compulsory+ voluntary)
HY140G/HY140N (*) Tax on income and social contributions
HY145N (*) Repayments/receipts for tax adjustment
HY170G/HY170N Value of goods produced for own consumption
PY010G/PY010N (*) Employee cash or near cash income
PY020G/PY020N Non-cash employee income
PY021G/PY021N (*) Company car
PY030G Employer’s social insurance contribution
PY031G Optional employer’s social insurance contributions
PY035G/PY035N Contributions to individual private pension plans
PY050G/PY050N (*) Cash benefits or losses from self-employment
PY070G/PY070N Value of goods produced for own consumption
PY080G/PY080N (*) Pension from individual private plans
PY090G/PY090N (*) Unemployment benefits
PY100G/PY100N (*) Old-age benefits
PY110G/PY110N (*) Survivor’s benefits
PY120G/PY120N (*) Sickness benefits
PY130G/PY130N (*) Disability benefits
PY140G/PY140N (*) Education-related allowances
PY200G Gross monthly earnings for employees
  1. Source = Eurostat (2016a).

  2. Notes: The suffix G refers to Gross; the suffix N refers to values net of taxes and social contributions.

  3. (*)

    Indicates that the variable was analysed in the context of the MetaSILC 2015 report Goedemé and Zardo Trindade, 2020b.

Data and code availability

The MetaSILC 2015 database is freely available in excel to data users and other interested parties, and can be downloaded from: https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/TLSZ4S.

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